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Distribution of

digital contents

and funding parachain

Due to the development of mobile devices, mobile internet infrastructure, and the widespread use of various services such as YouTube, the consumption of digital content is gradually expanding to streaming-type rental consumption rather than sales, leading to the development of subscription business. In particular, digital content creators have now switched to individuals from companies, which has diversified the distribution of digital contents and increased the number of transactions increases. As a result, the scope of application of blockchain technology is gradually expanding, and both the distributions of music, movies, cartoons, and information and demand for production and copyright are also expanding. Applying blockchain technology to the distribution of such digital contents can enable direct transactions between the creators and consumers of various digital contents, as well as spread contents transactions between sellers and buyers through fair trade and the simplification of distribution. This can ultimately expand transaction fees and enable not only simple transactions but also various business promotions such as production investment, advertisement, and licensees. GlueOS will make it easier for companies to blockchain by consisting it parachain for digital distribution in a pallet form such as content ID/metadata management, content rights management, contents transfer/search, transaction negotiation, contract/payment management, connections to the sponsors of contents creation, etc.

The real estate transaction platform using blockchain has huge implications in terms of technology and transaction structure. First of all, in terms of transaction structure, while real estate transactions thus far have been intermediary-centered, using blockchain technology converts this into transactions between contracting parties without an intermediary. In terms of technology, the real estate service industry is also called the Prop Tech (property or real estate + technology) industry due to: the AI-based disclosure of detailed information related to real estate, introduction of untact real estate based on VR technology, the simplification of contracts based on the transaction transparency of recent blockchain technology, transactions without intermediaries, and the diversification of real estate transactions.Thanks to such characteristics, mid-sized companies in need of new business are seeking new opportunities and participating in the real estate market based on their new technologies and capital power, and the establishment of startups based on novel ideas and technological prowess is rapidly increasing in Asia and North America. In particular, blockchain technology provides not only inexpensive solutions for land aVR-based information provision. It has also provided new investment opportunities for people by allowing them to sell expensive real estates in a stock form. For companies or individuals who want a real estate transaction platform, GlueOS will create a parachain on sale transaction and management, property recommendation, recommendation and sale of financial service, intermediary for real estate investment, and real estate contracts so the parachain can be easily applied to the real estate transaction platform.nd transaction account but also factual relevance and reward for AI and

Parachain of real estate

The GlueOS KMS (Key Management System) uses GlueOS Cryption Script based on a separate encryption technology to provide the key management function performed by the decentralized network, so that encrypted data can be stored and processed more safely through the consensus network.

GlueOS Key 
Management System